Thursday, October 25, 2012

You can stand a little more fall color, right?

Good!  Here are some more pics of our Sunday afternoon in Castine.DSCN1847
Hungry for lunch, we looked for a place to eat in Castine.  We had no idea how tiny and quiet a town it was.  Apparently most places were closed until next summer!
We stopped at this house because I wanted to take a picture of the ship, and when the yellow lab came out barking, the lady who lived there came out to see what all the racket was for, and then talked and talked, giving me hints on where we might try to get a bite. (Basically, 2 spots:  a sub sandwich counter at a gas pump, and a place she referred to as “The Variety”.) 
The ship was quite a surprise as we came upon it.  I knew that the Academy had a teaching ship, but truly I had no idea where to look for it.  We drove further and there it was!  They were changing companies.  Different groups of students inhabit the ship for a week or two at a time, and apparently they change on Saturday afternoon.DSCN1851
DSCN1852I don’t know what is inside the building on the left, but there was an observation deck on top, which was easily accessible, and from which point I took a few pictures, some of which I posted last time.
If you have exceptional eyesight, you can see the name “State of Maine” on the bow.  You can see the brick wall of the deck I’m standing on, and I just really loved the tugboat.  Wasn’t there a tugboat starring in a very old children’s book?  Anyway, that’s what it reminded me of.DSCN1855
We found The Variety and ate there.  I had a crab roll, Jeff had a haddock sandwich, and our only Maine-born boy (who won’t eat seafood) had a turkey club sandwich.
I met a couple of students who had just gotten off the ship, and came by The Variety for a slice of pizza.  They told me they didn’t mind if I included them in the picture (although I may have failed to mention that the pic might end up on my blog).  They are first-years, my Evan’s age, so I wanted to make sure they were eating right, studying hard and getting enough sleep.  But I didn’t.  Okay, maybe a little.  I did ask if they were homesick, but they aren’t really too far away from home.  And as future merchant marines, they had better not be homebodies – they’ll be traveling all over the world.
Inside, The Variety was tiny, and looked like it had once been a soda fountain/ice cream shoppe.  There were even those rotating stools at this counter.  There were about 4 tables in the place.  TiNy.
All the walls had that beautiful wood that you see behind the shelves.  It was heavily and beautifully oiled or something.  It reminded me of well-cared for yachts.   Ship-shape and all that.
Just a little more of Castine next time.


Lorrie Orr said...

Fall colour never comes amiss. Especially when it's combined with glimpses of the sea.
The Variety looks like a fun place to eat, tiny or not.

Hoping the storm misses land and spares all you northeasterners.

Dog Trot Farm said...

The foliage here at Dog Trot Farm has been blown away thanks to hurricane Sandy. I hope your power returns soon, our's came back on this afternoon. I hope your damage is minimal and your recovery is swift. Happy Halloween, Julie.

Chenille Cottage said...

Oh...Just look at those darling midshipmen...They look sooooo young!! You captured such a delightful taste of the good old USA with your scenes from the Variety and the old yeller welcoming committee!
I am so glad your power is restored. I think 30 hours is a long time!
Thanks for the great post, my friend,
Carolynn xo

Sharon Hughes said...

What a charming little town! Wish I was a mouse in your pocket Miss Wendy.

Caroline said...

Soooo quaint! Since my husband and I are both teachers, we won't be making ayn fall East Coast trips for about ten years whe we can hopefully retire, but enjoying the fall color in Maine is on our day!

Caroline said...

Soooo quaint! Since my husband and I are both teachers, we won't be making ayn fall East Coast trips for about ten years whe we can hopefully retire, but enjoying the fall color in Maine is on our day!

Judi Pinkham said...

Thank you soooo much for your beautiful blog!!! This is the 1st time I've seen it and it sure won't be the last. I was born and raised in Bangor. I am now retired and living in South Dakota. I'm happy here, but I do miss Maine and the ocean. Your pictures took me back, especially the pictures of Castine...I was there in '98...beautiful!!!

AND thank you for postng the picture of the picture of the tomato horn worm. They are gross!!! I haven't seen one since I moved to the midwest. My friends have never seen them...don't know what I'm talking about. Now I can show them one. :)

Judi Pinkham said...

PS...correction...the tomato horn worm was posted by 'the seasoned homemaker' from Texas. That waa how I found your blog...from your comment on her blog.

Amelia Lowden said...

I have always wanted to vivit Maine and now I am even more keen! Thanks for all the beautifu; pictures! X