Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Putting on a Mantel of Autumn

Introducing my new mantel décor.  This is better than the last one.  I’ve learned a few things about grouping and height and clutter.   Still a lot to learn, and then there’s my photography skills.
I’m camera-shy, so it’s a big step for me to show the family portrait.  It’s a few years old.  Now I am the only one who isn’t over 6 feet tall.DSCN1650
Close-up of the right side.  Almost everything is thrifted.  I purchased the wooden box and the little mirror years ago, the gourd yesterday, the candle who knows when.  DSCN1651The little pie plates candleholder and the small tray behind it, the pineapple planter and the pineapple dish are all thrifted recently.  DSCN1652
I buy pineapples for 2 reasons:  First, I love that they were a colonial symbol of hospitality, and b) my oldest, Ian, told me about a TV show that has pineapples in unexpected places and it’s kind of a game to find them.  So now I decorate with them and see if he notices.
And on the left:DSCN1653
Everything here is thrifted but the gourds, the leaf and the mirror.DSCN1654
Would you believe the orange plant pot is plastic (sort of) and the label says “biodegradable”.
Now, I need your opinion on something.  The aluminum tray behind the clock.  Leave it? (See below)  Or take it away? (See first pic of the post).DSCN1655

Comment your opinion.


Lorrie Orr said...

Your family is lovely. As is your mantel. I still have not done mine. It's Thanksgiving this weekend (Canada) so I guess I'd better get going on it.

Stephanie said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog; your comment made me smile :) Your mantel looks wonderful and very festive - beautiful job!
Stop by the blog anytime :)

Blessings to you,