Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Little Update

Some of my blue transferware

  • I haven't been posting, just lurking a lot.  I regularly read the new posts on my blog roll (see on left), but haven't been leaving too many comments.  I like to comment, as an encouragement to the blogger.  It's like I've been pseudo-hibernating.  Sitting at a party, watching quietly, alone in a corner.  Not lonely, just content to be a spectator for a while.
  • I've been thinking a lot about knitting (and doing just a little), and thinking a little about crochet (and not doing any).  I want to knit cardigans, socks and a beret or two.  I want to crochet a granny square blanket.  More on this another time.
  • I'm obsessed with fashion.  I'm not a fashionista.  I pay little attention to the latest hot trend.  I love classics and vintage styles.  I like looking at fabrics and sewing patterns and designing a seasonal wardrobe with a "collection" look to it.  These wishful dreams bear little resemblance to what is in my drawers and closet.  And I haven't been sewing, but I want to be.  My sewing room isn't up to it.
  • Which brings me to my current season:  I am very gradually de-cluttering.  And organizing.  And getting into better routines (a la Flylady).

    • I am job-seeking.  Which differs from my "career" building.  I have ambitious long-term career plans, but I need to be making a living in the meantime.  So, among other efforts, I'll be adding some listings to my etsy shop, sort of a combined de-cluttering/income-making activity.
    • I have started Weight Watchers. I feel hopeful that I will do better with this than I have in the past.  It doesn't feel so hard this time, and I am seeing some results.  I am significantly overweight with creeping cardiac risk factors.  But my real motivation is vanity and my obsession with clothes. Being overweight makes dressing well a real challenge, not to mention being comfortable in one's clothing.  I am working on being able to blog about this, i.e. with photos of myself, but I am a bit shy about photos of myself, and a lot embarassed about being sooooo biiiiig.  I am working on this though, and this little self-confession is a start.  It occurs to me that I have such a small readership that it doesn't much matter what (or if) I post!  And anyone who knows me knows how fat I am.  It is only I who is shocked by pictures of me. (!)
    • The pictures have nothing whatsoever to do with the content.  Just here to give you something pretty to look at.
    • That is what is up with me.  So now I've greased some rusty gears, and laid the groundwork for some future follow-up topics.

    Monday, February 11, 2013


    Home Sweet Home

    We survived!  And never lost power, even with all that wind.  We got close to 3 feet, but who can tell;  the wind howled and sculpted the snow, drifting into piles here and sweeping the ground bare there.  So where do you measure a reliable depth?
    Lady Tamara Underbite
     Yesterday, the warmth of the sun enabled a little melting, and then as the sun set, the top of the snow froze in a little bit of icy crust.  Little Tammie, only a little over 20 lbs, found that she could skitter along the top of the snow, without falling through.
    Not so for that big boy below, her brother.  He tips the scales at about 45 lbs, and not particularly overweight, according to the vet!  Just big boned!  (me too)

    It is snowing again today.  A nice, gentle snowfall, no wind.  big, fat fluffy flakes.

    More pictures soon......
    His Massiveness, Duke of Cocker Spanieldom, Lord Biband Tucker
    Normally, the dogs go out a few times a day, being allowed free run in our yard, which is bordered by an Invisible Fence.  Last week, it stopped working
    Too excited to stand still for camera
    due to a break in the wire somewhere.  But what can you do about it with all this snow on the ground.  Their range has been restricted to the driveway, quite limiting.  So, I've been walking them on leashes, to run off some x-s NRG.
    Our street is a dead end, so there is little traffic, and we can just saunter down the middle like it's just a wide footpath.  The banks are a few feet high, so all they can see is snow!  I let them off the leashes a little so they can run and run.  They have such good traction, and I sure can't keep up.  They stop to catch their breath and eat some snow, getting it all over their furry muzzles.   If you have ever seen a breed description for Cockers, they always describe their dispositions as "merry"  and I can attest to that.  (Although, that is only when they are awake....)  If you need a dog for a cheering companion, this may just be the breed for you.