Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Earth-Shattering News

Sometimes I feel like everything is just too much.  Just.  Too.  Much.
In the last 24 hours, some people I love dearly are facing a terribly difficult situation, and I find myself having been in nearly constant prayer for them.  And the situation has continued to evolve....
On the way home today, 3 different police vehicles sped by us on the turnpike on their way to?...Later as we neared home, a state trooper and another unmarked car sped by going in the opposite direction.  When we got home, and turned on the news, we learned that a man in a nearby town was in his burning home and shooting at police and firefighters who were trying to rescue him and put out the fire.  They were able to get his wife to safety, but further details are not yet available.
I started making supper, but felt this inexplicable tension (still do) and told myself that I am overtired (I already had my nightgown on), and therefore all the bad things had taken on too great a magnitude. 
As I overseasoned the ground beef for tacos, and forgot to start the rice I put in the microwave, I called my dear husband to come to the kitchen as I knew I needed a hug (good for what ails you!).  He sweetly complied and listened to me say that I just felt so burdened by the events of the last 24 hours, and besides which, I felt I should watch the debates tonight, even though I don't much want to.
We were hashing it all over, when suddenly we felt a jolt, like when one of our hulking adolescent-types throws himself around upstairs.  (I have no idea what they really do that shakes the house so.)  But this time was worse than "the usual" shennanigans -- were they body-slamming each other up there?
But the jolt had progressed to an audible and palpable rumble, like when huge construction heavy machinery is being used very nearby.
We looked at each other quizzically, and then heard the rattling and clinking of all the dishes in the cabinets, and indeed the cabinets suspended from the ceiling were jumping and vibrating!  It kept going, probably 10 seconds at the most, only this time it took about 10 minutes for all 10 of the seconds to click by.  We went to look out on the front lawn, only to discover that a space ship hadn't landed there.   Both boys emerged from their rooms to find out what the heck?.....  They each report that upstairs they could really feel the house moving.
We had had an earthquake!  4.6 magnitude. Not terribly common in Maine.  We are 23 miles from the epicenter, and ironically only a few miles from where the police are dealing with a burning house and a standoff with an occupant.
I ask you, do earthquakes mess with a person's sense of well-being?  It sure seems like it from where I sit.
I sure hope all is stable where you are.  I'm going to kill yet another stink-bug who is mistaken that my wall is a safe haven from the oncoming winter.  I probably shouldn't have painted them green.
And then I'll need to decide if I can stand to watch the debate.......


acorn hollow said...

we felt it here in the white mountains I had never felt one before. I too had some weird stuff going on. I am so sorry for your problems and so sorry to hear about the man and the fire.

Lorrie Orr said...

Earthquakes are fear-inducing events. I've experienced a number of strong ones when we lived in Ecuador, and of course now I live on the west coast which is expected to have "the big one" at any time. There's nothing like that jolting and shaking to mess up your equilibrium.

I hope you've been able to breathe deeply and relax this evening, debate or not. Praying for you.

Mainah said...

I've been praying and hoping you are holding up ok. I understand the shock and confusion. It is life changing to deal with.