Monday, October 1, 2012

Something’s Happening…

Can you guess what it is?
Shall I give you a hint?
Okay, maybe just one.DSCN1608
Remember that I am easily influenced….by what I see on the
on the blogs of the talented and creative, people who love to be surrounded by order and beauty.  I admire those who exert creative mastery of their environments.  I am trying to bring more of own self-expression into my surroundings.  I am giving weight, importance (and therefore time and effort) to making my home more cozy and pleasant, more orderly and comfortable.DSCN1611
My latest influence is Rita May (and her Traveling Yorkies).
Rita is a genius of styling her home, and that is what I am working on.  She is constantly changing things around, and is very in tune with the seasons.  And since she does so much with “tablescapes”, that is one area where I am developing my skills.  And along the way I am getting some cleaning and decluttering taken care of!
More to come…DSCN1612


acorn hollow said...

looks great and it always feels good to declutter.

Annie said...

I admire the orderly, but am constantly on the de clutter band wagon. A work in progress am I.

Lorrie Orr said...

It's looking great. Decluttering always feels good!

Caroline said...

My mom was always a "modest" hoarder. Things were clean, but she kept way too much stuff, so, of course, I'm the opposite. I live in fear of clutter. Still, I like things cozy. It's kind of a fine line isn't it? I love your tabelscape.