Saturday, November 10, 2012

What’s new? What’s news?

This newspaper business was housed in a small building that looked like it may have been residential at one time…
Well, here’s what’s new with me.
The company I worked for continues to struggle in this economy, as well as the general growing pains that plague any new company in the first years.  In order to survive they have actually had to trim personnel.  And one of the trims was me.  Sigh….
Since then, we have had Hurricane Sandy, who helped us cull the weaker roof  shingles from the herd we keep on top of our house.  And brought down 3 or 4 trees and several branches.  So, not too much damage.  And the tree segments will be cut up for firewood, and all the stray branches broken up to be used for kindling.   One of the trees that came down was one my DH had been eyeing a couple of weekends ago when we did a big push fall clean-up in our yard.  So, I guess Sandy was a help to us, and not just a hindrance.  We lost power for 30 hours, but it was warm outside and we didn’t need heat anyway.  So we used candlelight and flashlights, and cooked things that were in the freezer on our propane grill outside.  I had had the boys bring it up on the screen porch before the storm, amid their protests that it could stay right where it was.  They complied when I asked which one of them was willing to stand at the grill in the rain when there was cooking to be done.  (I mention my small inconveniences very carefully.  I am hoping not to sound complaining when we got off so lightly compared to the damage and loss Sandy wrought on so many in NY and NJ and thereabouts.  As I’m sure you are, I am keeping them in my prayers,
And, of course, like everyone, we have had the excitement of a contentious presidential election.  I don’t know how much of our Senatorial election has made news in your area.  But one of our beloved Senators who has been in Washington for years (Olympia Snowe – I even love her name—suggests a wise guru on a mountaintop) had decided not to run for re-election, specifically citing the frustration of grid-lock and divisiveness in the Senate.  We, as a state have replaced her with our former governor, Angus King (another interesting name –  I heard a comic make reference to a Burger King menu item!), who is an Independent.  I was hoping that the election would clear the air of the negativity, and bring a new resolve to get along and get some work done.  I think that has happened to some degree,  but in my world, there are some who are not ready to let go of what for them was a crusade of sorts.  Now, in defeat, there is a funereal air pervading each day.  Please don’t make any assumptions about my political persuasions.  I of course had a preferred Presidential candidate, but I could be content with either outcome, because I know that God is in control, and not constrained by who is in the U.S. White House.
I’m sorry of the lack of recent posts.  I have so much I want to post about, and I will do so as often as I can.  It will be difficult as I am in an all-out job search in a lousy job market.
So, what’s new with you?