Friday, April 10, 2009

Were you there when they crucified my Lord?

This is how my front door looks today.....I wish I had a crown of thorns to attach at the top of the cross, but in the absence of that, the grapevine wreath left bare, reminds me of one.
When I first hung this, this morning, I couldn't set up the camera and take a picture... I was too overcome. Good Friday affects me this way. Tonight at our tenebrae service, we'll hear the soulful spiritual: Were you there when they crucified my Lord?, sung a capella from the choir loft over the congregation, sitting in utter and desparate darkness. I can hardly type for tears....
And I'll be thinking ...."they crucified my Lord? they nailed him to the tree? they? WE crucified him,, I crucified him, I denied him, I nailed him to the tree....." and when I don't think I can take it anymore, Pastor Horner, will bring the Paschal candle back to the sachistry, and one single tiny flame will cast its light upon us all, flinging its illumination to the far corners, glistening off teary cheeks, reminding us of the Hope that remained, then, and the Hope that remains now...........
Oh, if you have Good Friday thoughts, traditions, prayer requests to share, please leave a comment.


L said...

Good Friday affects me the same way. I found myself thinking today, "I can't believe how excited I am about Easter...but first I have to make it through the horrors of Good Friday." I feel responsible, too, for the suffering of our Lord, even though I can still scarcely believe He died for me. Knowing that God would have made this enormous sacrifice for just one single human being is almost too much to comprehend. We have so much for which we can be truly grateful.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Thanks you for that post...How thankful I am for the HOPE of Easter.

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