Friday, March 27, 2009

Cheverus School Colors Scarf

As I mention in my profile, I am the proud mother of 3 sons, (and perhaps a little ironically, sister to 3 brothers), can anyone blame me for favoring my little female Cocker Spaniel, Tammy?
The two older boys are 17 and 15, and attend Cheverus High School, a Jesuit prep school in Portland (Maine, not Oregon). The school colors are purple and gold, and I set out to knit Ian (the oldest) a scarf to show off his school spirit. Sounds simple, right? OK, I challenge you to find a yarn in both colors! I tried mixing and matching, but the gauge problems that presents is very frustrating. Finally I found Vanna's Choice! I am not a fiber snob, not really, but I guess I feel a little defensive about knitting in acrylic. I wish it were alpaca or wool or some exotic bamboo/silk blend. Having said that, I will say that I like knitting with Vanna's Choice, and I congratulate Vanna and Lion Brand on producing a very nice yarn to work with....and a wide variety of colors to choose from, especially convenient when one is trying to knit in school colors. I haven't yet looked to see if Vanna offers a suitable orange for Sean's Orange-and-Black Biddeford Tigers. Sean is in 6th grade and won't be starting at Cheverus for another 3 years.
It is knit in a "Mistake Stitch Rib"....can't remember where I came across that, but I'll post when I remember. I love the texture and elasticity.

So here is my tall and handsome Ian out in the snow with his Cheverus scarf and baseball cap! Perhaps yearning for Spring training to begin? It's a timely thought, as baseball practice begins next week, even though this pic was taken in Jan. And BTW, what is it with boys and baseball caps, anyway?
Now, what can I knit myself to wear as proud Mum in the baseball stands to show the school colors? Most of the season is cold enough here in Maine that I could get away with a stadium blanket. It certainly would be practical for use at the rink during hockey season!
Well, I've got enough projects OTN(on the needles) and OTH(on the hook) that it will have to wait a little bit.............

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