Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tartan color palette

As I think about my newly-determined DRCP(Dining Room Color Palette), I am reminded of the State of Maine Tartan. I was tempted to post an image, but I am still researching when I should link and when I can upload an image (copyright considerations).
I have a tiny scrap of this tartan in the form of a bookmark, fringed at the ends. I bought it when I parent-chaperoned my eldest son's classroom trip to the Maine State Museum in Augusta. Let's see...he was in 4th or 5th at least 7 years ago. They had them in the gift shop, and if I remember right, it came with a little card describing what each color represents. There is no taupe in it but the sky blue, evergreen and that important counterpoint, a trace of rich red. So, I'm considering ways in my mind to put a touch of the tartan here and there in my dining room. When I get a firm plan, I can estimate my yardage, and place an order. So far my only thoughts are: tie-backs on simple white or cream window curtains and ties on slipcovers for the d.r. chairs, (I hate my d.r. chairs, and now that I have a palette guiding me, the next step is designing slipcovers, choosing fabric, and oh yeah, actually constructing them--no small feat. I'll shoot to post finished-project photos before 2010.). Projects with slightly more prominence might be a tartan-edged table runner (or placemats?), coordinating napkin rings, or even a wide fabric-covered mat on a photo or print. Maybe I could tartan-mat and frame one of those linen state map dishtowels gift stores stock for tourists.... (Not this one, which has major retro-appeal, or this one, which is also adorable) Could it look classy? Or at worst kitschy? Or would it be heaven forbid, tacky-looking? I have one of those dishtowels, very faded. I think they are very pretty, what with the chickadee and white pine cone and tassel, and of course, the ubiquitous red lobster.

But, how do I know if I love it because it's actually attractive, or because my mother had one, and probably my grandmother too. So, it's probably a nostalgia thing............but really, is there anything wrong with that? (Well, yes, if it means I create exploding tire geranium beds on my front lawn tended by plywood bendovers.........)

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