Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still at the front door

Seeing that it is St. Patrick's Day....I'll feature my favorite leprachaun himself, Sean Michael. (Truth be told, not a drop of Irish blood in him, but after all, who isn't Irish on March 17th?) And here he is, proudly wearin' the green.
Camo green that is.....these slippers are made from Paton's Classic Wool and washed with the sheets & towels for the hot water in the heavy duty cycle for the vigorous agitation, and then it was into the hot dryer for the full felting. If you want to try these, it's not a huge investment of time. I made them in 2 evening's knitting, with the felting completed on the third day. The pattern appears on (Easy House Slippers), and you can make up a few pairs to keep by the door or in a guest room - the fit isn't terribly important. I wish I had several pairs made as it is Mud Season in Maine.... Now if I could just train Tammy and Tucker (the Cocker Spaniels) to wipe their muddy paws and put on some house slippers when they come in.....

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