Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Wonderland

In case you haven't heard, we've been getting some snow up our way... This is my DH Jeff after clearing the driveway this morn and just before our walk through the neighborhood. I realized after visiting this blog post of Cindy's, that I could do a neighborhood tour. I took more pictures than I posted this time. Maybe I'll save the others for another day when I can't think what to post about......

Check out the clipper ship weather vane(above) and the moose (below)...

The photos above and below are taken with me facing southeast. Proof that the weather guy was right. The wind was out of the northwest. See how the snow accumulated on the trees?

This house reminds me of a Currier & Ives print. You almost expect to see a horse-drawn sleigh pull into view.

This is our neighbor across the street, and the trusty plow with which he plows us out regularly. :) I thought the way the wind carved the drift on the garage roof looked cool.

Do you remember this newspaper tube? Leaves still on the trees, belongs to the same neighbor. Here it is today (see below.)

And while I was out in the street, I turned around and took in this view of our house. Look at all the snow piled up on my evergreen wreath!

I don't know how old this farmhouse and barn (below)are. The whole street I live on used to be the land associated with the farm. It was a real "saltwater farm" and the land borders right on the cove (otherwise known as "Biddeford Pool"). Now some of it is a wildlife sanctuary, being on a major bird migration path. Our backyard backs up to the sanctuary, so we have a pretty quiet neighborhood. The deer used to travel through our yard at night. Before we got dogs. Now my hosta and yew shrubs have a fighting chance.

No idea what kind of tree that is, love the red berries against all the white.
The pun in the sign on the barn ("Summersalt Farm") is that the current owner is a retired gymnastics coach.
They have put a row of birdhouses where there backyard meets the bird sanctuary.

I took this picture of the sundial back in the fall. It was an anniversary gift I gave DH a couple of years ago. It says: "Grow Old With Me; The Best is Yet to Be".
And here it is today.....................not telling us time without the sun anyway.

This last shot is just a teaser.............tomorrow I'll post pics of actual birds at the feeder. I finally put seed in it yesterday, and already today I've seen blue jays, a cardinal, chickadees, titmice (titmouses?), and at least one junco.


Honore said...

You've been awarded a blog award!


WendyBee said...

Oh my goodness, Honore, what an honor!
(don't you love the way that sounds?)
I am soooooo excited!

Rainy Daisy said...

I'll be honest...I didn't read your post, because I was too distracted by the photos of your beautiful house. I adore those colonials! and with the snow, and the bits of red...sigh. I miss New England.