Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mmmmm, I love Saturday mornings........

Don't you? I guess it depends on what your obligations are. This morning I took a break away from Vogue Knitting magazine to take Evan to a team breakfast before his hockey game. But otherwise, my morning is all about knitting. I'm at a fresh start. I have nothing OTN or OTH. I'm not counting projects that are hibernating. (See the Jaywalker socks, and the Teapot Dishcloth.) That bread on the plate was part of a terrific gift basket from my Grammie (of the Country Club Shawl) and my Aunt Anne. Homemade goodies! The little loaf looks like a cinnamon roll, but there's chocolate rolled in too. Mmmmmmmm. I microwaved it just a little and melted a little pat of butter and sipped my Red Rose tea with it. (Someday, I'll blather on about why Red Rose is my brand of tea, bet you're all aquiver with anticipation...)I'm thinking about trying to make the pink sweater in the picture above. It's in the Winter 2009/10 issue. I'd probably make it in a robin's egg blue, a better color for me, although everybody looks pretty in pink. It's all soft and lacy and ruffly and romantically feminine, everything I love in a sweater, or any garment for that matter.

I finished the tie last night, weaved in the ends, washed it in the sink with a mild lavender detergent, squeezed it out in a towel, and pinned it out to block on my ironing board. It already looks so much better without the puckers it has when you're knitting it.
This is how it looks in the morning light, still slightly damp on the underside. I'm dying to un-pin it and give it to Ian. Maybe he'll even humor me and try it on and let me take pics?

See the purple and gold yarn? That's all I have left from the scarf. May have to get more if I seriously want to make a tie....but then I'll really have a lot left over.... wonder if any other Cheverus students would pay money for a hand-knit school colors tie? They knit up pretty quick....
I'm having a lot of fun lining up my next round of projects. I like to have more than one project going at once. Things I can work on at hockey games, in the car, which often means in the dark. Things I can make as gifts for others, as little treats for myself, practical items for the household, pretty little crocheted doilies and tatted lace.
And then there's the itching to get a stitching project going. Have you checked out Mary Corbet's Needles 'n Thread website? I'm an avid reader, and I just want to get going on something. Check out the needlebook she made recently. I always picture Olivia deHaviland in the "The Heiress" stitching away on a gorgeous tapestry of some sort. Seems so genteel.
I'll post again on this topic when I have some projects lined up.

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Thimbleanna said...

You did a beautiful job on the tie -- a purple and gold one would definitely be fun. And that little peek of the pink sweater looks fabulous -- I love ruffles too!