Saturday, January 23, 2010

OTH: Crochet Projects

Fresh snow is so pretty, n'est-ce pas? I took this picture on Wednesday morning before I got in the car to go to work.
I made this the other day, in a not-very-inspired attempt to have a crochet project. I think it's cute and all and will make a functional dishcloth. But it was done in no time and there I was again with nothing OTH....
So the next thing I tried were these facial pads....And they're cute and all, too, but not much fun to make, really. I must have weak crocheting muscles in my hands, because I always feel like I'm wrestling when I work with worsted weight cotton. I don't mind cotton thread at all, which is good because I think I need to make a finer fabric to use for facial pads. I tried one of these, and found it a bit too rough. I'm going to try washing them in a net bag and see if they soften up a little.
I thought about making some crocheted snowflakes, starching them and using them in my sunny dining room and dangling them in sunny windows to decorate for our post-Christmas pre-Valentine wintry January. But it's already Jan. 23 and all I've done is favorited a bunch of free patterns in Ravelry. And since I'm always slow to be prepared for the next holiday, I figure I should probably be thinking about Valentine's Day. Maybe I'll try a Sweet Heart Garland like Cassi Griffin's on Craft Stylish? And look at these, here. (Warning: time vortex!) That may be another fairly quick project, though and I really want something that challenges me and even kind of takes my breath away, when I look at it and watch it come along.
I once took this book out of my local library. Then again a year or so later. I haven't made anything yet, but I finally bought the book on ebay, and I think it's time to commit and dig in!
It's Better Homes and Gardens Romantic Crochet. Interestingly, when I googled it today I found that BH&G have (has?) another book called "Romantic Looks Crochet", with fashions in it. Ooooh, very intriguing. I'll be scoping ravelry and google to find pictures of the garments and maybe reviews by others who have the book. Maybe it needs to be in my library? I have a good impression of BH&G publications so far, so I tend to think it's worth checking out.
Peruse it with me:
This bedscape is a stitcher's dream. The bedspread is made from panels (linen, I think?), embroidered with Jacobean-crewel-inspired ornated floral motifs, then joined with hand-crocheted lace insertion and encircled with lace edging. The pillows are crazy-quilt inspired with patchwork, applique, cutwork and embroidery techniques.
Note the red transferware, couldn't resist including this photo. Or maybe it was the cake.
Those dishes deserve this gorgeous filet crochet runner.
Don't you want to be on this picnic? In a simple but pretty sundress; peasant-style bodice with a drapey, flowy, fullish skirt. Barefoot.(Ignore the snow outside....) That motif is a thistle! I love that motif - I think I have a little Scottish, several generations back, in my family, and the thistle is Scotland's national flower. Did you notice the teacup and saucer in the pic with the book? It's English bone china, Thistle by Colclough. Mumsie gave it to me. Isn't she sweet?
So. Any of these or the many other projects in the book would be suitably meaty for a long-term challenging accomplishment. I'm leaning toward the filet crochet runner. I loooooove the bedspread. It would give me an embroidery project and crochet to work on. However, I think as long as I have dogs, who sleep on beds, that is really not a good idea...... And since I need them to keep my feet warm :), I don't really entertain the notion of not allowing them up on beds.
And there are the crisp and fresh-looking crochet-lace-edged cotton hemstitched curtains. Oh, I guess I didn't post a picture. What do you think I should work on? Post a comment and we'll see if anyone's reading this :).
Here's why I take in my geranium urns for the winter...........


Mainah said...

I'm crocheting stashbusting squares to send to a relief effort for blankets for Haitians. However, the thought of crocheting lace reminds me that I want to see about finding a nice white nightgown like you recently shopped for. (I have some birthday money kicking around, too!) Something comfy cozy, with maybe a little lace. Now, if I could just get myself to sew one and crochet the lace for it!

PattieJ said...

Hi Wendy! Thanks for visiting my blog! It's nice to meet other crocheters! :) A lot of nice projects in that book of yours. I know I would never have the patience to finish something crocheted from thread or thin cotton though, takes to long.... I know I would lose interest and throw it aside. lol. I'm sure which ever project you choose will be beautiful!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I just love the crochet dishclothes!

It was funny that you mentioned my vintage grain sack that I have in my banner. I bought it because it had my initials. I have now taken the grain sack and unstiched the sides. The back side does not have a monogram and I want to put an E G (Mr. Decor's initials) on the blank side and use each grain sack on the back of a two wing chairs I bought off Craiglist. I will probably post about it later this week as I need some cross stitch instructions/help.

Can do mom said...

I had to comment on the beautiful geranium you have blooming in the dead of winter. I would give anything for fresh flowers right now!