Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Closed for the Winter...

This cottage is out on Biddeford Pool. I don't know how many year-round residents there are, but it isn't very many. Most of the houses are closed up. This is one of my favorites because of:
  • The natural shingles weathered to a blend-in-with-an-overcast-sky gray
  • The tide-rounded stones
  • The way the moss/lichen on the stones contrasts with the bright aqua trim of the screen door
  • The granite lintel.


Can do mom said...

Hello Wendy! Good to see you blogging again! I took a little break too but I'm back at it now.

It looks like you've been having fun cooking and baking. Mmmmm... Winter just makes me want to spend time in the kitchen, creating tasty food while the cold wind moans outside.

Enjoy your day and a belated Happy New Year!

Sewanonymous and So Much More said...

Lovely snow pics !!!