Sunday, October 10, 2010


We need new sheets. I am so inspired by these from Victorian Trading Company.

These are the Thistledown Cottage Flannel Bedclothes.
I can't bring myself to buy new sheets when I have several unfinished sheets that I bought dirt cheap at the Pepperell Mill factory store (which closed in fall of 2008, a victim of the economy). These are the Sweetmilk Manor Cotton Bedclothes.
So maybe I'm stalling, as it is boring and cumbersome to measure out and hem long expanses of fabric. But I have been so inspired to edge my household linens. I have several old instruction booklets for all manner of edgings. Knitted, tatted and crocheted. Household, handkerchiefs, collars and cuffs. Soooooo many, and I want to make them all!

But of course, having all these lovely patterns in hand hasn't stopped me from exhaustively searching the web for any and all free crochet edging patterns.
And then I have the difficult task of narrowing it down and choosing just one.
Last night I eliminated one because I couldn't quite follow the instructions (I'm sure it was I and not the instructions that were addled). That and I decided I wasn't sure I loved the pattern so much anyway. Hard to tell, because the photo didn't show me enough detail, and obviously working up a sample didn't happen.
So, now I 'm trying to decide which looks best with my sheeting, which is a print, after Jacobean crewel embroidery in fact. Doesn't really need any trimming to look pretty, but I want to trim it anyway. Kind of a way of putting my own stamp on it.
And I'm not really sure what style goes with Jacobean.
What do you think?
Need to see the fabric? I know what you mean. Working on it. Meaning I'm charging the battery on my camera and hoping the afternoon sun holds out.
ETA: Here are the pics I promised. I love the colors, soft and pleasing.

And the thread I will use.

Any votes for edging?


Joansie said...

Interesting post. I love pretty linens. Both my mom and my dad worked at Pepperell Mills back in the 40's in my hometown of Biddeford, Maine. I used to love to go to their outlet store when I returned home to visit.

Can do mom said...

Those sheets you've pictured are beautiful! I can't wait to see what you create - the fabric and colored thread/floss look so pretty.