Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful Saturday!

The weather is gorgeous here and I might get a chance to do some yardwork. There are some overgrown shrubs in my yard that really need to be cut back before the snow flies. And a neglected rosebush, that has gotten punier and more pathetic every year. It's on a side of the house I rarely go to, and I have sort of given up on it. I guess I'll have to read up on what I can do for it. Probably just cut it way back, mulch it, cover it and see what I can do next spring...probably need to feed it something.....
I looooove roses, but don't have a particularly green thumb. What I really mean to say is that even though I think I love them, apparently I don't love them enough to learn what they want from me, and consistently nurture them along. A few years ago, I put about 5 of them in the ground one fall when they were on sale at the nursery, and it took me only 2 years to kill them with neglect. I never did figure out if it was the deer who were eating the blossoms just as they opened, or my dog, who seems to be obsessed with any flowers with a terrific scent. But I never actually caught her in the act of chewing on them, just suspected. Since we got the cocker spaniels and the yard has their...ummmm...scent, the deer seem to be leaving my hosta and yews alone. Our yard used to be right on a major path for them and there are lots of them around here. Now we're a little off the beaten path so to speak!
Have you noticed?

That I started by talking about roses, but my pictures (thanks to Google images) have been trending back to lavender? Not the color, the plant.
This summer, I planted 3 lavender plants around my granite lamp post. Then I almost killed them by not watering them. The Gaillardia that I planted with them didn't mind, and we for a while had regular enough rainfall that garden-neglecters like myself were able to get away with our woefully wayward ways. Then we had a dry spell, and the lavender began to look more and more pitiful, or so I would think in a passing way as I pulled out of the driveway in the morning. I have finally salvaged with aggressive sprinkling in the last couple of weeks and next year will be the test as to whether I have learned my lesson that the lavender doesn't like to go dry.
A few years ago, I developed an obsession with scent of lavender. It seemed so old-fashioned and I love all things old-fashioned... I have never been particularly drawn to the color purple (except in flowers: violets, lilacs, pansies), favoring blues and greens, particularly soft, muted pastel shades and blends. I am nauseated by the stereotypical purply-pink combos that dominate the toy market for little girls, but I do like pinks, especially if they trend toward coral and peachy tones.
I have a tiny little project I'm developing. And it involves lavender. When I first got the idea, I was a bit discouraged because I am trying to be mindful of working out of my stash, but in not being a purply person, I doubted that I had much suitable.

But apparently at some point I picked up a collection of fat quarters!

And a few other remnants suitable for my project!

I wasn't giving my stash enough credit!
Oh, and BTW, did you see the lovely begonia in the pic with the lavender fragrance items? So lush and pretty and I haven't killed it yet.... I think you can keep those, right? I'll have to go google "Care of Begonias"..............


Can do mom said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. It's so good to see/read you writing again! :) I am in procrastination mode as I read your blog instead of doing schedules for the week. Actually, I think I only have one left to do, even so, I need to get to work!

Your begonia is lovely. I often keep one in my kitchen through the winter for a splash of color during the gray months. I'm sure you could do that as well. Begonias are pretty easy to care for. I don't consider myself to have a green thumb but I manage to keep most of my plants alive!

I can't wait to see your lavender project. Keep us posted!

Ophelia said...

Hi Wendy,
I love your photos. If you could only see how healthy the weeds are in my front "mulch" area, you'd start to worry that I'm decomposing somewhere inside, but worry not! I'm just STILL ignoring the fact that there's an outside part to my home. At least winter will come and they'll slow their growth.