Saturday, October 23, 2010

Such as it is......

This was going to be a hit-and-run post about taking my son to college. The topic itself is too big for me to wrap my brain around -- waaaay too painful, and so I was just going to skim the subject. My chosen focus was going to be a quilt. I have an ongoing joke with myself about quilting. How I'm not going to get involved in quilting because it is a black hole unto itself, sucking money, time and NRG that I don't have to spare. Too bad I love the finished products sooooo much. Did you see the quilts on Caroline's blog: Knot Garden? And have you been to Don't Look Now? And those are just 2 of the quilters' blogs that come immediately to mind.

Well, so anyway, I was going to blog just a little about the quilt my mother gave my son for going away to college. Only I ran into a problem after loading just one picture I took on the move-in day. For some reason, my computer opens my Pictures file and then doesn't load what's in all the folders. So I can't select them to upload. And I thought my only obstacle to having more pics for my posts was keeping my camera ready to go and remembering to take pics while the light is good!
And now the one picture I loaded, I promise it was here, has disappeared of its own accord!
I'll work on these technical issues (meaning I'll re-boot my laptop - my panacea for all computer problems), and try again later. And in the meantime, it is a beautiful, bright sunny day, maybe I'll style some pics for future use.

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