Friday, September 11, 2015

Images of CMBG, speaking metaphors (Pt 4 of the CMBG series)

 Today marks an event which shall live forever in our memories.  September 11, 2001 scars our collective history indelibly and infamously.   
In all the years I have had this blog, I have never written on or about this day.
I have never felt equal to the task.
 This year, I have spent a sobering hour or so looking up statistics, in an effort to grasp the enormity of the human losses suffered as a result of the heinous acts of 19 perpetrators.  I can only conclude that the actions of those 19 humans are the legacy of Hate.  Hate is the motivator and the fuel, and disproportionate lethal violence is its expression.  What utter waste. How absolutely futile.
The existence of hate in our world strikes fear in my heart; it is amorphous, pervasive, and universally accessible to all, emboldening the darkest designs of evil that the human mind can conjure.  

Perhaps because I am the mother of 3 sons, the youngest of whom has this year joined his brothers in registering for the draft, I am ever aware of the solemn and noble work of fine American military personnel to resist the forces of hate and evil propelled in our direction.  My sons are college students, and not serving in the military, which, I admit selfishly, gives me some peace in my heart.  But I respect and am grateful for those who do serve.  I pray for their safety and well-being.
We live in a beautiful but flawed world.  We are a beautiful creation, made in God's own image, but we are fallen from grace, and fall prey to the sin of hatred and violence, both as aggressor and victim.  Our salvation is brought upon us by God's mercy and compassion. 
His Love is greater than all the Hate in the world.  Today is a day to remember this and gather it into our hearts.
I hope you find comfort in God's eternal love today as you remember and inevitably re-live the horrors of that terrible day 14 years ago.  I know I do.


acorn hollow said...

I got caught up on some of your posts. I am so sorry to hear about your brother he has been through it. I know the stress it creates. I have been to those gardens and they are amazing. What part of Maine do you live in? We are cooler thank goodness we hiked tonight and I have my feet up enjoying the cool breeze.

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. The tragedy from 9/11 affected us in Canada too, many knowing someone that lost a loved one who was there on business or holiday.

Dog Trot Farm said...

9/11 the day the world changed...we will never forget...

Lorrie said...

Beautifully expressed.