Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Little Update

Some of my blue transferware

  • I haven't been posting, just lurking a lot.  I regularly read the new posts on my blog roll (see on left), but haven't been leaving too many comments.  I like to comment, as an encouragement to the blogger.  It's like I've been pseudo-hibernating.  Sitting at a party, watching quietly, alone in a corner.  Not lonely, just content to be a spectator for a while.
  • I've been thinking a lot about knitting (and doing just a little), and thinking a little about crochet (and not doing any).  I want to knit cardigans, socks and a beret or two.  I want to crochet a granny square blanket.  More on this another time.
  • I'm obsessed with fashion.  I'm not a fashionista.  I pay little attention to the latest hot trend.  I love classics and vintage styles.  I like looking at fabrics and sewing patterns and designing a seasonal wardrobe with a "collection" look to it.  These wishful dreams bear little resemblance to what is in my drawers and closet.  And I haven't been sewing, but I want to be.  My sewing room isn't up to it.
  • Which brings me to my current season:  I am very gradually de-cluttering.  And organizing.  And getting into better routines (a la Flylady).

    • I am job-seeking.  Which differs from my "career" building.  I have ambitious long-term career plans, but I need to be making a living in the meantime.  So, among other efforts, I'll be adding some listings to my etsy shop, sort of a combined de-cluttering/income-making activity.
    • I have started Weight Watchers. I feel hopeful that I will do better with this than I have in the past.  It doesn't feel so hard this time, and I am seeing some results.  I am significantly overweight with creeping cardiac risk factors.  But my real motivation is vanity and my obsession with clothes. Being overweight makes dressing well a real challenge, not to mention being comfortable in one's clothing.  I am working on being able to blog about this, i.e. with photos of myself, but I am a bit shy about photos of myself, and a lot embarassed about being sooooo biiiiig.  I am working on this though, and this little self-confession is a start.  It occurs to me that I have such a small readership that it doesn't much matter what (or if) I post!  And anyone who knows me knows how fat I am.  It is only I who is shocked by pictures of me. (!)
    • The pictures have nothing whatsoever to do with the content.  Just here to give you something pretty to look at.
    • That is what is up with me.  So now I've greased some rusty gears, and laid the groundwork for some future follow-up topics.


    Lorrie said...

    My sewing dreams are much bigger than my sewing production, too. I envision such a lovely spring wardrobe, but then the fabric and patterns just sit there. Time to get moving, I guess.
    Good for you for joining Weight Watchers.
    From what I've heard, it's the best program around for weight loss that's sustainable.
    I love blue and white transferware.

    Can do mom said...

    Wendy, I don't know you in person but I wish I could. When I read your posts I feel as though I've found a kindred spirit. :)

    For what it's worth, I don't care what size you are. I like you for who I "know" online. You have so many talents and gifts, truly! That being said, I'm glad you joined WW because like Lorrie posted above, it's a great weight loss program that (I've heard from others) works. Stick with it, even when the progress doesn't move along as quickly as you'd like. The ultimate goal is one of health although we women want to look pretty, don't we? :) And there's nothing wrong with that!

    I picked up a few pounds over the winter months that I am trying to get rid of. Whether the goal is big or small, cutting back can be a challenge. After too many days of effort the number on the scale is finally dropping. Hallelujah!

    I also want to applaud you on decluttering, organizing and selling excess inventory. You are inspiring me!

    Chenille Cottage said...

    Hello sweet Wendy Bee...You are one very ambitious girl. If only I had the motivation you do.
    Your blue transferware is delightful. You have so many pretty pieces.
    I have had success with Weight Watchers in the past. They have such an excellent system and it's easy to follow. I wish you well.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I'm glad you stopped by.
    Carolynn xoxo

    Thimbleanna said...

    Ooooh, I love those pretty blue dishes in the first picture! Sounds like you're good and busy. Good luck with the weight loss and job search. I always chuckle at the difference between "job" and "career". I figure at this point in my life I'm past career building and it drives me crazy when we have reviews as work. I just want to make it to retirement -- forget all that goal setting and garbage to further my career. Ooops, better go now...I feel a rant coming on LOL!

    Sue said...

    Wendy, this post hit me on so many levels. Times like this I wish I was gifted in writing, but I'm not and I'm glad you are and so eloquently spoke for me. I am not a knitter or a sewer, but I have dreams and aspirations that I THINK about and I am always striving to instill better routines and LOSE weight. I applaud you for starting WW, I need to do something and I think it is a sign of real disobedience to the LORD that I haven't gotten started.
    {and I agree, that even thought health is the main reason to lose weight, it sure would be nice to look good in clothes:-) }

    Adora Mehitabel said...

    I love those blue plates! So beautiful. One day when I get a house I will have them in my kitchen.