Monday, February 11, 2013


Home Sweet Home

We survived!  And never lost power, even with all that wind.  We got close to 3 feet, but who can tell;  the wind howled and sculpted the snow, drifting into piles here and sweeping the ground bare there.  So where do you measure a reliable depth?
Lady Tamara Underbite
 Yesterday, the warmth of the sun enabled a little melting, and then as the sun set, the top of the snow froze in a little bit of icy crust.  Little Tammie, only a little over 20 lbs, found that she could skitter along the top of the snow, without falling through.
Not so for that big boy below, her brother.  He tips the scales at about 45 lbs, and not particularly overweight, according to the vet!  Just big boned!  (me too)

It is snowing again today.  A nice, gentle snowfall, no wind.  big, fat fluffy flakes.

More pictures soon......
His Massiveness, Duke of Cocker Spanieldom, Lord Biband Tucker
Normally, the dogs go out a few times a day, being allowed free run in our yard, which is bordered by an Invisible Fence.  Last week, it stopped working

Too excited to stand still for camera
due to a break in the wire somewhere.  But what can you do about it with all this snow on the ground.  Their range has been restricted to the driveway, quite limiting.  So, I've been walking them on leashes, to run off some x-s NRG.
Our street is a dead end, so there is little traffic, and we can just saunter down the middle like it's just a wide footpath.  The banks are a few feet high, so all they can see is snow!  I let them off the leashes a little so they can run and run.  They have such good traction, and I sure can't keep up.  They stop to catch their breath and eat some snow, getting it all over their furry muzzles.   If you have ever seen a breed description for Cockers, they always describe their dispositions as "merry"  and I can attest to that.  (Although, that is only when they are awake....)  If you need a dog for a cheering companion, this may just be the breed for you.


Lorrie said...

That's a wallop of snow! We heard about the storm on the news - here it's misty and rainy. Glad you weathered the storm well, and your pooches are enjoying the snow.

Dog Trot Farm said...

What a lovely home you have, the paint color looks so pretty against the snow. Very sweet dogs. My parents adopted an abused cocker, Bucky then went on to live a wonderful life with them, to the ripe old age of 17...He may be gone but his spirit remains. Lets hope the sun shines tomorrow!

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi WendyBee...
How I love your pups. When I was a little girl my best friend had a Cocker Spaniel named Johnson. I loved that sweet old dog and always wishes he was mine.
Oh...How wonderful that you didn't lose power. I can just imagine you were all snug as bugs in a rug.
Thank you for the beautiful snow pictures.
Blessings and thank you for your kind wishes for my little grandson.
Carolynn xoxo

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh my, your pups are so cute, under bite and all!

Stay warm and Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


Caroline said...

I love Cocker Spaniels. I've always heard that they are sweet dogs, and they're so pretty....not too good at algebra or I've heard, but being smart if overrated, ha, ha.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

My mother had 3 cockers. All lovely ladies. :)Sweet breed indeed!

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

That was some storm wasn't it! We rode it out in OOB! Then we had to go back to MA and move more snow!

We have a cockerpoo! His name is Duke! Sir Reginald Marmaduke W.!!! LOL!!! He's named after my husband's grandfather!

Have a great weekend, more snow on the way!

Can do mom said...

Your dogs and their nicknames are adorable! I love to go out snowshoeing with our dogs. Theodore, our schnoodle, loves to dig, burrow and roll around in the snow. It's a riot to watch him!

I don't know about you, but once March hits I'm ready for spring. Hope it's not too long in coming...