Sunday, February 21, 2010

Progress, in all its forms

Cooking? Yes, cooking. When have you ever seen me post about cooking? Take it easy...I told you I was trying to increase my efforts in the kitchen. In this picture, my DS Evan is dipping his Triscuit into Chicken and Rice soup.
But don't be too impressed...I just made a broth of "Better than Bouillon" chicken flavor and cut up some carrots. (didn't have any celery on hand) Then I cut up the leftover skinless boneless chicken breasts which Jeff made for supper on Friday, and threw those in and then finally the leftover brown rice we had served with them. I threw in some ground thyme (liberally), a little fresh-ground black pepper, and a mild-to-moderate sprinkle of nutmeg. Now, if I were really devoted to impressing my family, I would have made biscuits or dumplings or something. Sounds messy. Oh well, this will do for a post-church Sunday lunch.
Here's the first half of the Filet Heart Runner. Oh well, there's always next Valentine's Day... (And Sweetest Day in October, a Hallmark invention, I think.)

And here's the Dapper Chap Vest. Last time I posted it, I hadn't yet added the blue. The colorwork came out just okay, not great. I just couldn't get the tension right between the knitting yarns and the carried colors. I hold out hope that when I block it, I can work it all out..
I have started the armhole shaping on the left front (see that little backwards "J" about midway at the top?). In the meantime, the back and right front wait patiently having been left at the chest level. Once the left front, back, and right front are finished separately, I will weave the shoulder seams with the much-maligned Kitchener stitch, and add the separating zipper that I have yet to purchase. I am dreading going to the craft store and seeing that none of the available colors match or complement my colors. Which will mean an online purchase.
I still haven't gotten to the CS for the iron-on transfer pen, so now I really need to find the time for the trip. (That explains why this post has no Embroidery Project update.)


Can do mom said...

You go, girl!

I think the soup sounds very yummy. I used to love to cook but lately, not so much so. I've got a super simple chicken soup recipe that my family loves. I don't use a recipe anymore and it turns out great. Of course, soup recipes are very forgiving when it comes to improvising.

I'm still in awe of all your handiwork projects. Your crocheting and knitting are beautiful!

I'm trying to rekindle my love affair with art. I've been taking a weekly class with my children. They told me they don't usually allow an adult to participate in this class with the homeschool children but for whatever reason they let me in. :) So, I'm drawing and painting again after many years of being away from it. I don't know what made so afraid of something I once loved so much. I confess to being a perfectionist which can be a huge stumbling block in the creating process. I think it's time I let that go!

I'm gonna tell Mom! said...

Thanks for sharing the progress on the vest! Looking good! And the table runner is beautiful.


Thimbleanna said...

Looks like you have some beautiful projects to keep you busy. I love filet crochet -- I haven't done it in years. I once crocheted a curtain for a back door that had a half window -- it was a tree and I loved it. The vest is really cool too - love the colors!

Jacque said...

Good Morning Wendy,

Stopping by to check on you this morning!! I wish I could crochet--never could get the tension of the stitches the same..LOL We did some knitting in HS...made a pair of slippers. That was a hoot!!

I think your work is great! Way more than I could ever accomplish.

I was blessed with a filet crochet bedspread...THE HYDE can read about it on my blog post...

Thanks for sharing with us today!

stef said...

wonderful work in progress !