Sunday, February 28, 2010

I throw like a girl..........

Wow, have we been living life around here lately. We have Olympics on the TV all the time, and so, I often retreat to the bedroom to see what's playing on TCM. (They are showing all Oscar winners this month.) Like when, say, curling is on. I tell the sports fans they are welcome to be inspired and wield brooms around here anytime. After all, we are having an early mud season. And we have dogs who go in and out, and in and out, you get the picture.
Right now, I have the USA/Canada hockey game on. I am not completely impervious to the draw of a spirited athletic competition. I am actually an athletic wanna-be. I'm not naturally particularly muscular or quick or coordinated. I am very flexible and somewhat motivated. As a child, despite my height, I was a miserable basketball player as I had no aggression to play offense. I was always so afraid to advance into the key with the ball. I might bump into somebody, or heaven forbid, commit a foul. I was a bit of a shrinking violet. Well, a tall shrinking violet.
I think if I had been petite, I'd have made a passable gymnast. I'm fascinated by the sport, and love the challenge to discipline your body to perform very specific and perfectly-timed and balanced feats. I took ballet classes a few times growing up, and loved them. I remember being very sorry when a 2-hour class was over.
My sport of choice of the winter games is speed skating. I don't get too involved in watching the events, but I just love watching any skater skate. I still feel like I would like to try out a pair of the skates someday on a large frozen lake. All that wide open space, where I could really get up some speed, and not have to watch our for other skaters. I could really push myself and develop the rhythm. It makes me think of Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates, and people being able to travel long distances on frozen canals in Holland. Do you remember that story? How incredibly cool.
And then of course, there is the figure skating and the ice dancing. Who wouldn't want to do that? But again, my height limits me. I'm too tall for pairs (nearly 5'8"), and probably for ice dancing too... I wonder if, like gymnastics, it is harder for tall people to maneuver the jumps and spins, etc.
Oh, and the title of this post? Of course, I throw like a girl. How else would I throw? Here's something I'd like to see Olympic Snowball fighting....that has got to be the ultimate winter sport.Someone made fun of my snowball throw the other day when I playfully lobbed one over his shoulder. "You throw like a girl!", he crowed, with his usual arrogant superiority.
The next one hit him -smack!- right between the eyes....
'Nuff said.
ETA: Okay, I just saw a Coca-Cola commercial of a snowball fight breaking out in the Olympic village. I promise you I have never seen this ad before. What a comforting thought that I am now channeling Coca-Cola moments. Gotta go, I'm thirsty.


Can do mom said...

Hey, I've been told I throw like a girl, too. At least you showed them what a girl is capable of, huh? ;) We haven't caught as much of the Olympics as we usually do. We were trying to prepare to leave on our big adventure and now that we're traveling we're not watching TV.

I wish I was nearly 5'8"! I'm 5'5" and am not looking forward to the day when I start shrinking. My mom used to be 5'5" and now I know I'm taller than her.

Have a great week!

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Oh you have a sense of humor! I can see the dogs go in and out, in and out! How's your floor holding up? I love it that you hit him right in the head! HA, take that! I throw like a girl too, gee I am a girl!DUH!

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