Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dual purpose photos

Do you remember (so long ago) that I promised I would cut more (screaming) yellow forsythia and photograph it against the beautiful Cheyenne Rock (taupe) walls. And in this pic you can see the white (Behr Paint Pearl Drop) chair rail. The table for the tableau below (is "tableau" merely a contraction of "table" and "below"?) was a yard sale find- a very large, very beautiful side table. I got it at a neighbor's yard sale for $50. I later found out that she was in Dubai, and her college-aged son from whom I bought it, was raising money to complete a kitchen renovation to surprise her....I haven't yet offered to sell it back to her.....Another item of interest, which prompted the photo session is this gorgeous bouquet. Sweet Sue, my stepmother sent it, to thank me (not necessary!) for the care and company during my Dad's last few days. He was requiring so much pain control that I think he could have been only vaguely aware of my presence, if at all....but Sue and I got each other through those bittersweet days, his last days on this earth, and perhaps our closest time yet. I'll treasure the memory...Besides being breathtaking to look at, this bouquet has a lovely sweet scent from the carnations. They are the tiny ones, I think I've usually seen them referred to as pinks, with a sweet, slightly spicy scent. I loooooove the scent. I had never noticed that carnations have a fragrance, and I'm not sure the big ones really have much, but in my yard, years ago, I found that someone once planted pinks, (must be a perennial), and the fragrance stopped me in my tracks as I strolled by one day.As I was taking pictures, I realized that the plate and the teapot with the lavender stalks on them was also a gift from Sue, after we banded together to get through what turned out to be 30 days in the ICU after my Dad's initial surgery for his cancer almost 2 years ago now. The fancy crystal 3-photo frame was also a gift from Sue (and Dad) a few years ago. So, this photo series serves a dual purpose: to show you the forsythias as promised, and to showcase the lovely flowers Sue sent.
**Oh My!** As if on cue, another florist just showed up delivering more flowers, a miniature pink rose bush---lovely! If you ever have any doubt about sending someone flowers, do it! They are so comforting, so soothing. I feel so loved.

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