Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Part 2

What is this flowering tree?

As we strolled the gardens, sometimes I thought to check the labels of the plants and flowers, but not always.  I have no idea what this tree is, but I thought the blossoms were so creamy and frothy.

 This reflexology labyrinth was a pretty cool feature in the Lerner Garden of the 5 Senses.  We removed our shoes and socks and meditated our way around and around.  
 Even if you wish to leave your shoes on, you can trace the route with your finger.
I wish I had taken a picture of the whole thing, so you could see that the smooth stones gradually decreased in size as you travel further inward, and the massaging effect on the soles of your feet changes.

 As you travel around the first outer circle, you can reach the soft and furry lambs' ears plants, and who can resist them?
 So healthy and gone to flower.  And look at that brilliant contrast with the plant behind.
 Next, while your feet are bare you walk between two pools, the one on the right has a weir about 3 feet high, and there is a cascade of cool water flowing over it, and across the walkway into the lower pool.  For real refreshment, I stepped right up to the little waterfall, and let the cool water splash on my feet and ankles.

I have no idea what this is besides pretty.

 Love the color contrasts....
A close-up of my favorite color contrast.

More next time. 


Lorrie said...

A very lovely garden to walk through. I've never heard of a Reflexology Garden but it looks like a great experience. I have no idea what the frothy flowers might be, but they are pretty.

Decor To Adore said...

What a glorious field trip. Just gorgeous images.
Have a wonderful weekend!