Monday, August 26, 2013

Latest Knitting Obsession

I have a sweater in the works, but I have lost interest, and I'm only on the first panel, the back.  I'll try to take a few pictures to share, although I'm not sure, because my original intent was a gift, so pics may have to wait until it's done (if ever) and given.
My latest obsession is for a basic wardrobe staple, a classic Shetland cardigan.  If you're old enough, you may remember the popularity of Shetland sweaters in the late 1970's.  They were mostly saddle shoulder pullovers (I had one in blue), or fair isle yoked pullovers, some with a button placket in the yoke, or made up as cardigans.  They came in soft, heathered hues, or bright, "preppy" colors.  I had a gorgeous yellow fair isle pullover, with the yoke done in soft blues, greens and white.  I remember that one label was "Northern Isles".  Apparently, that label is still around, I just checked.
Here is a cabled Shetland that Appleseed's has for about $60.  I am in love with the color.

So, back to my Fall/Winter Wardrobe planning.  Here's what I have in mind.
 Very simple, very basic.  What I envision is  mix/match separates centered around a defined palette, one that would be right at home in the early 60's.  Button-down blouses in solids, plaids, and paisleys.  Shetland cardigans and short-sleeve "jumper" sweaters, or better yet twin sets. 
Maybe a few ribbed turtlenecks (and matching ribbed tights).  Straight skirts (not tight, just straight), and twill trousers (ankle length, tapered legs, and side-zipped).  Picture a collegiate look, I guess, or "Weekend in Connecticut".  My chosen palette is navy, ivory, camel, and slightly rusty red. Shoes:  penny loafers in cordovan, and maybe even a pair in navy.

Of course, in my daydreams, the bulk of this wardrobe is handmade.  I've been pricing purchased cardigans (hard-to-find, very limited colors) v. handknitting (good yarn in that quantity is expensive, basic well-tailored patterns are proving harder to find than I thought, but many colors are available).  For years, I have (probably not-so) secretly wanted to go full-on into vintage dressing, but obviously I haven't.  I firmly believe that it works best for ladies younger than I, and infinitely better for ladies smaller than I.  I have been learning vintage hairstyling techniques, and often wear victory rolls at home, or I can be found in pincurls with a scarf tied over them (a la Rosie the Riveter). 

I have finally settled on the above styling, which is decidedly classic, and generously "mature".  I already have a couple of pairs of L.L.Bean khaki chinos that are close to what I described above .  I have a few classic blouses.  My loafers are falling apart and need to be replaced.  If I can nail down a pattern for the slacks and skirts, I'd love to make them in wool flannel or gabardine, lined.  Other bonus items I'll strive for are shirtdresses, in solids, plaids and corduroys.  Wish me luck!


Shybiker said...

Hi there! Thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. It was nice to meet you.

I like your blog, too. Your subjects are things that interest me. I've always wanted a handmade sweater like the ones you describe in this fun post. I hope we both end up with cute ones!

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, it sounds like a gorgeous wardrobe. I feel your pain with the partially finished sweater. I have one almost done, but just can't get over that last hump.

Good Luck with the wardrobe planning!

john said...

lovely wardrobe, I really like the sweater David Nieper Knitwear