Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something less controversial.....Or alternatively, thoughtful vs.thoughtful.....

I know my last post was a bit of a departure from the topics I usually tackle. I think of myself as a thoughtful person, not so much in the sense of being thoughtful of others (I regularly chastise myself for how self-involved I am), but thoughtful in the sense of liking to think about things, weighing arguments for and against, finding the right and wrong of a situation, and coming to understand how seemingly unrelated situations indeed have parallels. I don't usually write about my mind's meanderings, in fact, I don't think I have blogged enough to have developed a particular style or flavor anyway. I go through spurts of Bible-reading and sometimes even studying on a topic. I am always blessed by what I read, and often amazed that given the consistent blessings of reading, that I am not more religious (and by that I mean disciplined) about Bible-reading. But anyone who knows me wouldn't be too surprised, since I don't think I consistently practice many good habits. Lack of discipline is definitely one of my faults.

So, today's post will be a bit more fluffy and entertaining, since that is closer to my original goal, anyway. I have been reading through the archives of this blog for the last couple of days, and I find that I have a lot of interests in common with Lucy. the difference is, she does more of the projects that I only think about. And then she photographs them, which I find to be very enjoyable. I aspire to photograph more of what I create, but not in the near future: yesterday I took out my digital camera, only to discover that it no longer works---not laying blame anywhere, just that it's a hard life for a camera around here.............

I borrowed Ian's camera and took some shots of yesterday's beautiful fall activity, which beats today's because it is raining, and we are in the house, all drab and drear.

Did you guess that I was hinting at leaf-raking?It really was a perfect day for it.And even though, it looks like Jeff and Sean did all the work-I really did do my share, and I have a raking blister to prove it :-)

This is my neighbor's newspaper cute with the mini-pumpkin to decorate it!And it's a bit of a reminder to me that I've been meaning to develop a discipline of correspondence with many neglected friends and family....and going on visits......

and naturally, I'd like to be visited back!

If I know you're coming, I might even bake a cake!

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