Monday, June 15, 2009

Re: Potholder swap

After all the agonizing on picking a pattern and materials, I finally finished my 5 potholders for the swap. They were due a week ago and I was so worried about getting them there on time. I actually finished the final stitches while riding in the car to the p.o. to send them out. Then I got to the p.o. 10 min. after window service closed. Dag nab it! We were on our way to Waterville for a get-together at theWaterville Country Club for my Dad. A Celebration of his Life. More on that another time. So we went through Portland, and fortunately their window was open all day. But I still wasn't sure they'd get there.....
And because I was so rushed at the end, I didn't get any pictures! I wanted to share with you. But, if you are really interested in this whole swap thing and want to see the ones I made, click on the link for the potholder swap on my blog list in the right hand column. Find the post entitled "Thank You". In the third photo, in the bottom of the picture in the very middle, you can see one of mine, with a yellow daffodil with an orange trumpet in the corner. Even better, you get a view of the colors, variety, and lovely stitching. I should be getting my 5 later this week. Can't wait! I will definitely photograph and share here so you can vicariously enjoy getting a package in the mail.

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